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ReboundAIR distributors automatically become members of the ImmuneSystem Wholesale Organization. We have two member levels to fit your wholesale objectives:  

MEMBER OPTION 1) Wholesaler, one at a time. 

Simply line up a customer, we drop ship directly to them, send you the receipt, and you profit from the difference between wholesale and retail.

Q: "How do I sign up?"

A: Membership requirements:  Purchase a ReboundAIR at retail (or at current retail sale price) and a Starter Kit for $89.95 (includes over $150 worth of personalized brochures, Rebound Aerobics DVDs, books, charts, lecture manuscripts, order forms, etc.) ...and that's it!  You are now a member of the "Immune System" and ReboundAIR distributorship program.  You have access to all of our products at their low wholesale prices. 

Example #1: After the above two easy requirements are met, your membership cost for future Half-Fold ReboundAIR purchases will be only $250 per unit, which includes FREE shipping to the lower 48 states!  The Half Fold retails in the marketplace between $339.95 to $350.00 (this is the range of prices at which you could sell the equipment to your clients).    Additional unit discounts and shipping savings we promise to award you for volume orders in excess of 10 units, as long as the pallet is shipped to one address (e.g. your home, office or storage facility).

Another Exciting Example?  The Standard ReboundAIR retails in the market between $319.95 and $330.00, but your cost would be only $230, which includes FREE shipping to the lower 48 states!  You sell it, we ship it, same day, directly from our warehouse here, to your client there.  Then we send you the receipt.  Meanwhile, we cover the Lifetime Warranty for your client! Nice, huh!

Oh yes.  We're just warming up!  All member distributors receive $200 off their DVD Distance Learning Course (optional benefit) featuring Al Carter's World Tour Certification Seminar. Become a member and receive your "CR" credential. (more info)

The program is successful, streamlined and simplified.  There is no product purchase minimum or the necessity to store the merchandise in your home.  There is no renewal fee or annual membership fee.  Simple!

For more wholesale discount details, see the products page:  Wholesale vs. Retail -- Members Only Prices



MEMBER OPTION 2) Volume Wholesalers and International Distributors*.  This person or company will purchase a minimum of 10 ReboundAIR rebounders at a time.  Additional shipping discounts are awarded at this level.  

Please call for details or order your Membership Kit today.  

*International distributors wanted for global expansion of the ReboundAIR™ line!  This is a great opportunity for the right people.  We have a track record of success stories from Italy, Israel, East Canada... West Canada ...and soon: ReboundAIR UK, ReboundAIR Australia and ReboundAIR Africa! 

Toll free:  1-888-464-JUMP
Or e-mail our International Distributor Manager, Jackie Healy, C.R.:




Why become a wholesale team member?

  • You can work full or part time (at your leisure). 
  • Be your own boss.
  • Share great health and wellness at any age!
  • Increase your supplemental income.
  • The ReboundAIR line and supporting products sell very well in the U.S. and Canada.  We are expanding in the UK and in other parts of the world.  International distributors wanted!

At The Immune System, we provide the highest quality rebounders, health products, education, technical health question support by phone or by e-mail, and endless sales materials for people around the world to look, live, work and feel their best.

The one by one personal approach builds fair prices, quality, strong volume and education into every product because the users become both the educators and the sales force. 

The Immune System values each and every Wholesale/Distributor member.  Our marketing system is based on the foundation of honesty and fairness.  We provide high quality marketing materials to make your job easier.

You too can help those around you to look, live and feel their best while earning an income!  Please join today!


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